I have so many photos… I keep running out of storage… I don’t know how to manage these… I want to keep taking more photos but what about the ones I already have… I want my kids to enjoy my photos… I want to keep my photos private…

Have you said any of these? If you have, you are not alone. This is what runs on a continuous loop in my inbox! I totally get it! It is almost too easy to hit that little round button and snap a photo – so easy that it can become overwhelming!

It has always been my goal to help families capture important moments, conversations, family stories and photos. But I realized, capturing them is not enough. They have to be easily accessible, shareable, able to be passed on to the next generation and above all else, secure.

What good is a photo if no one sees it? What good is the video if your great-grandkids can’t watch it? What is the purpose of hitting that record button if only you will ever see it?

Since my Dad passed away in 2008, I have searched up and down to find a digital storage solution for my family. My kids never had the chance to meet my Dad as he passed away before they were born. Keeping his photos, documents and what small amounts of videos we had of him safe was suddenly SO important.

Are you willing to chance your memories like these on mainstream or “free” online storage sites? What if they go out of business? What if they change their policy? Do you keep them in your cell phone company’s database? What happens when you want to share your photos with someone who has a different cellular company than you do? What if you wanted to change cellular companies yourself at some point… then what happens to your photos?!

I was faced with all of the questions about how I will handle these – now priceless – photos and videos for the rest of my, and my kids’, lives.

I began a mission to find a solution.  I continued to hit road blocks with each company I explored. Some data mine, others state they can “change their storage policy at any time” while others charge a small, yet ongoing (like, never ending) fee in order to store your photos, and none were guaranteed in any way… except one.

Securing Memories is powered by a company called FOREVER. Why? Because they are a powerhouse of cloud storage and the only one that meets all of our needs: Private, Secure, Owned – not rented, Current Technology, Permanent, and Guaranteed.

Let me dive into each of these a little bit to explain why your storage cloud matters so much.


Your photos are for you to view only. Unless of course you allow others to view them. You can be as specific here as you want! Want to create a digital (or printed) album for Johnny and another for Mary? Done. Want to keep your photos private until you pass away? Done. Want your entire family, but only your family, to have access to your photos? Done. Would you rather open up your photos to the public, because after all, why not?! Done! You can pick and choose whatever settings you want, at any time and they can be changed and updated at any point.


Your photos can not be removed, deleted, altered or otherwise “touched” without your permission. As I mentioned above, your photos are not able to be viewed by anyone other than those you allow so that means there is no data mining. No more creepy ads appearing after you did a quick search at Kohl’s for a sweater!

Owned – Not Rented

Like a home, you can decide to rent one that you pay for continuously with no end in sight, or you can choose the option to purchase a home that has a defined cost. Our storage is like that. Many storage options out there are free until you’ve reached a certain amount of data. Once that quota is reached, you are offered the option of paying a monthly fee. They may be small fees, 99 cents here, 2 dollars there… but add that up over your lifetime and see where you end up! Here’s the other thing, if that company goes out of business, gets bought, or changes their policy (which many can do at any time without notifying you) then you are at risk of losing everything! UGH! Even just typing those words makes me cringe! Friends! I am in the business of getting your photos and videos into the hands of your loved ones no matter what. Renting your storage does not accomplish this!

Migrates Automatically

No, I don’t mean that all your photos will fly south for the winter! What I mean is that all of your data will be migrated to the most current form of technology – automatically, and ongoing! I am “I grew up with mixed tapes years old” 🤣 . Fill in that blank for yourself… “I am (I grew up with a pager hooked to my belt loop / vinyls were my jam / what is a floppy disk) years old”! What do all those types of data have in common? You can’t use them anymore! My computer no longer has a slot for a CD. My VHS player is long gone and mixed tapes have been replaced by iPods. But if all these things were digital (which IS possible!) they will be converted into the most current form of technology, and continue to be converted as new technologies become available. Isn’t that cool!

Permanent & Guaranteed

Yep! I said it! It’s permanent and guaranteed! How? Ok here’s how it works…you upload your photos into your account. Voila! They’re permanently stored until you say otherwise! Then, your photos are guaranteed for your lifetime PLUS 100 years! Yes, seriously. It’s like this: A small amount of every payment goes into a sort of trust. That trust (bank account) is what funds the cloud (where your photos are stored). That account ALREADY has enough money in it to support your digital storage for your lifetime plus 100 years! Even if FOREVER went out of business tomorrow (which it won’t) your photos would still be secure for your lifetime plus 100 years. That certainly is enough time to figure out Plan B if it ever became necessary! Read more about the guarantee here!

Steve jobs once said “You can’t just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they’ll want something new” and I believe he is right! Right now, what you want is to press record and not think about it again. But like everything else, there is a next step. Dare to be ahead of the curve and secure your memories not just for now, but for future generations.

So How Are We Powered By Forever?

Securing Memories is committed to storing your stories for generations and we can do so in 3 simple steps.

  1. Record your family stories on your cell phone or computer using our guided prompts and questions.
  2. Set up your FREE Forever account and get $15 (currently $20) towards your storage purchase.
  3. Upload your videos into your Forever account.

That’s it! It’s that simple.  Your photos are now secure for your lifetime, plus 100 years.

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