I know you’ve got a box, somewhere your house that’s full of old photos. You’ve probably stashed it in the basement or attic. Both of which are terrible places to store photos by the way… but we can talk about that another day!

That box you have, it might be full of loose photos, or old VHS’s or if your lucky, you’ve got some reel to reels and slides in there too! Have you ever looked at them? Do you know who is in the photos? Are there any little treasures in there?

Maybe you know exactly what’s on those slides and reels but you don’t have a way to view them because the slide projector ended up at your sisters house across the country. Whatever the situation might be, those photos hold so many memories that deserve to be brought back out! Just like Clark Griswold in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, when he got stuck in the attic and spent his time watching old family movie while wrapped up in some relative’s old fur coat! You can do that too! Minus the fur coat and bright turquoise hat. Unless of course, that’s your thing.

Lucky for you, you don’t need a reel machine, a slide protector or even a VHS anymore to view these pieces of history, all you need is to digitize them to make them viewable, forever.

So what does that mean?

That means you can take your current stash of photos, videos, slides, DVD’s, CD’s, VHS’s, reels, J-tapes, audio transfer… or anything else you might have taking up space in your house! Do you have old framed photos of your grandparents that are yellowing with time? How about photos in an album with sticky backs that are eating away at your photos as we speak? It doesn’t have to be this way! You can easily change them from whatever unusable format they live in right now, and breathe new life into them by having them converted to a digital format that can be viewed on your computer or smartphone across the globe.

Ok so let’s talk choices

There are lots of options out there for digitizing your photos, so let’s talk about them.

You could, of course, scan your photos into your computer yourself. This is a great option if you have the equipment and knowhow to do so. It is also a great option if all you have is printed photos – but if you are someone who has other types of media this won’t get the job done.

Another option is to send out your photos to a company like FOREVER who can digitize them for you. A one stop shop like this can turn all of your media into a digitized library of memories.

How does it work?

It all starts with an empty box! Yep – that’s right! They will send you an empty box.  You fill it up with all of your media, place the box back in the mail – shipping already accounted for – and off it goes.  The great part about this company in particular is that it does not ship overseas. Your photos will be tracked, and you can follow the status throughout the process of conversion. Once they are done, the box will be shipped back – shipping already accounted for – with all of your belongings finding their way back home to you.

Your photos will be housed on the FOREVER cloud, a  private, permanent, secure cloud that belongs to you.  You can purchase whatever size digital storage unit you might need.

While I know there are other companies out there, I feel strongly that FOREVER is the only one who does it right. You can read more about why I feel this way here.

Added benefits:

✔︎ You’ll have the ability to share these old memories with as many people as you want rather than them being trapped in a box.

✔︎ You’ll receive a thumb drive with all of your photos as well, for those of you who like to keep hard copies.

✔︎ Your data will be migrated regularly – meaning as new technology becomes available (like when VHS went out, and DVD came in) your data will all be updated to the most current form of digital technology available.

✔︎ Once your data is secured in FOREVER, you can create things like photo books, prints, canvases, mugs and lots of other fun things.

That box in your attic deserves more than just a collection of dust.  Instead, turn it into a collection of memories that can be shared across all of your friends and family!

To get started digitizing – set up your free FOREVER account and head over to the digitize tab.  Then arrange a time with your family to show them your project when it is done so they can enjoy it too!

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