Do you enjoy having a craft you can pull out of my hat when your kids are getting antsy but hate spending time looking for the perfect craft?

Creating things with your kids is a great way tot spend real quality time while keeping them busy, and getting them to open up in conversation.

With so many great ideas out there it can be hard to choose just one, so I brought you my top 12 favorites! Check out the ones that can be used across different age ranges and abilities.  I don’t know about you, tub catapulting Peeps sounds like an awesome way for your kids to throw food around and NOT get in trouble for it!

1. PEEPS Playdough

2. Easter Chick

3. Catapulting Peeps

4. Minute To Win It Games I

5. Potato Stamps

6. Funny Bunny Feet Game

7. Easter Egg Coupons

8. Easy Paper Wreath

9. No-Sew Sock Bunny

10. Cute and Easy Easter Basket

11. Cotton Ball Bunnies

12. Salt Painted Easter Eggs

We believe that spending quality time with kids, on a regular basis, is a great way to connect with them.   Doing a craft is great way  to connect and get in some one on one time.  When your hands are busy, your mind can relax and the conversations become easier, more natural and more fun.  Ask your child questions about his or her day, how they are feeling or why they chose this specific craft and feel the connection as they open up and engage with you.

For inspiration on some questions to ask your kids to get them talking click here for 50 questions to ask your kids other than “how was school”.

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