Yesterday’s Photos… Today’s Memories

We Are Living History

“History repeats itself” my father always said. As a young kid I never really understood what he was talking about or why it mattered. I shrugged him off and thought nothing of it. Now, I hear those words coming out of my own mouth. Well, there it is, living proof that history repeated itself at least in that case.

What I don’t want, is for the history we are currently witnessing with the Coronavirus, to ever repeat itself. Is it possible that we can share the information about how we handled this situation, so future generations have a resource should something like this ever happen again? Sure, our children will remember being home from school for 10 (or more) days. They will remember that it was a big deal, that the Coronavirus made history. They will recall the stress they felt radiating off their parents who tried so desperately to keep them protected. But they won’t all remember the details over time.

Memories fade, but digital photos DO NOT!

I’m asking you to take photos, videos, save the emails from the school declaring its’ closure. Write down your thoughts, your fears, what you did to keep your family safe. How you showed up at Costco or Target to find the shelves totally empty. Record how toilet paper was a hot commodity and hand sanitizer was nowhere to be found… on the entire PLANET! Encourage your children to record what they think about what’s going on around them and how it makes them feel.

Be sure to save it somewhere in a secure and permanent way and allow future generations to learn from us!

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Little Moments Matter

“It goes so fast” they say. “Time flies when they’re little” they say. “Don’t blink, you’ll miss it” they say.

Ugh and every time they say it, I CRINGE inside.

A little part of me wants to melt right into the floor, just like my kids do when I tell them it’s time for bed. Oh yeah, you know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, I can’t stand those sayings, and I never could. I get it, they want to warn you about how fast time moves when your kids are little. You’re busy, working, cooking, cleaning, parenting, blogging (oh, ok so maybe that didn’t happen much back in the day) but you get the point.

I agree that time can sneak past and you don’t even notice, but come on! Stop with the one-liners already!Maybe when I’m old(er) and wrinkly(er) I will say things like that to young Mamas too. Instead, I’m hoping to slow down now, take photos of the important moments and try to relish in those times.

If they are momentous enough to stop, rummage around for the phone in the bottom of your purse, find the camera app and snap a photo, then it is important enough to stop and smell the roses. Or swing with your child. Or throw a ball with your son… or whatever it is! Little moments matter not just to us, but to our kids too!

I don’t want to look back and wish I had slowed time down, but rather I want to feel time slow down by stopping to enjoy the moment. I’ll admit, this is not something I do enough, but it is something that I work on and hope to improve upon every day. Every time I take a photo of my kids, I remind myself to enjoy that moment with them, not just for them.

The Meaning of Photos

Have you ever looked at a photo and become flooded with emotion? It is amazing how that happens! A quick glance can send you into a state of pure joy, happiness, longing for someone you miss, or a multitude of other emotions.

This past weekend we were out on the boat, that we have the pleasure of using because my father, who passed away 11 years ago, had left it behind for us. We were cruising around the lake, pulling my sons on the inflatable tube behind us. My 4-year-old daughter, who is too little to ride the tube quite yet (although she begs to differ) was sitting on my lap. She snuggled in close and the next thing I knew she was asleep in my arms. She has not slept in my arms since she was an infant! I felt so comforted knowing that she could still let her guard down and snuggle in.

When I look back on this photo, I don’t just see a sleeping child. I see my baby, my youngest child being vulnerable. I feel the presence of my father, his love, him looking down on us and smiling. I see the joy in my boys’ faces as they bounce around on the tube and the purity of my daughter as she sleeps in my arms.

Photos aren’t always just about remembering the good times, they are also about recording the moments that are so meaningful and wonderful that we want the opportunity to relive again in the future.

This photo represents family, love, joy, a life of hard work to provide such experiences and a legacy that will not be forgotten.

I am so grateful to have these moments, and the photos of them that bring me joy time and time again

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