Ah, family photo time – it’s either a wonderful experience, spending time with your family and having natural smiles… or if you’re like me, it is full of behind-the-scenes lollypops, bribes and threats that “if you don’t smile nicely you’ll lose every electronic you ever loved” 🤣 !
Which camp does your family fall into?

The process doesn’t start here though… no it starts days, or weeks (if you’re on top of it) before the photo shoot when you start choosing outfits for your family to wear. Choosing the right amount of matching without being too matchy-matchy is an art! Here are a few tips on ways you can make this a little easier, and less stressful for you

1.Coordinate, don’t match

Coordinate similar styles and colors with your family rather than matching everyone in the same outfit. Try choosing 2 colors and sprinkle them throughout all of the outfits. Not everyone has to have both colors in their outfits, as long as it all comes together when you are all next to one another! Think about the room where you will hang the photo. Do your colors coordinate there too? If you have a tan and blue room, bright red and green outfits might to be the best choice!

2. Simple is better

Choosing simple, solid colors typically work best. Try colors like khaki, denim, light or pastel earth tones. Blue and tan look every appealing and natural in an outdoor environment such as the beach. Cooler colors like blues and greens are great for fall time. If you want to brighten it up, choose one color to add a pop, against your lighter color choices.

3. What to avoid

This one makes me sad, and I without questions I continue to do it, only to be disappointed when the photos come back! It can be tempting to wear sleeveless shirts, but in all honesty long sleeves and long pants give a much better slimming effect. Also avoid all black and white clothing. Both colors can make your photos look flat – meaning it looses it’s depth and detail. Ok last one, but this is important: avoid patterns! They can be distracting to the viewer. You want people to see your beautiful smiling faces, not be distracted by arms, legs, mis-matched, or busy clothing!

4. Shop clothing collections

Shopping at the same store for the whole family, or at least one store for the kids and another for the adults – can make the process easier.

Many stores carry the same color theme across multiple ages and clothing styles making it easier to coordinate. Typically I recommend starting with the kids first because their clothing tends to be more limited. On that note, unless you are planning for your photos to be taken at Disney, avoid tops with characters or cartoons!

5. Dress to your personality

Wear something you would typically wear on a day out. Make sure you are comfortable in your clothing to get the best result in your photo. If you don’t like your outfit, you may not be happy with your portrait!

6. Have some fun!

Having a few accessories can make the photo shoot more fun! Get creative – try a new hat, a scarf or put your man in a tie! Give the kids some jewelry to wear or a fun coat – make sure everyone feels good and your photos will be a success!

Choosing outfits can be stressful, but it can also be tons of fun! Use these quick tips to make the process easier and more enjoyable! Oh, one more thing… Don’t forget to SMILE!

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