Getting Started on your Digital Legacy Today. 

A what?

If you already know what a digital legacy is, then you are ahead of the game. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, let me explain.

Your digital footprint is made up of all the things you have created in a digital format. Still muddy? How about this – it is your photos, videos, documents on your computer, emails, social media posts, power point presentations you have created, thumb drives, camera cards and anything else you have on your phone, computer, hard drives or clouds.

Your digital legacy is what gets left behind from your digital footprint when you are no longer here. The items in your digital legacy are also known as your digital assets.

So, of your digital footprint (all your digital things), you choose the digital assets (your important digital things) to be kept in your digital legacy (what gets intentionally left behind). Make sense now?


Now, I know no one wants to talk about “after”, when you’re not here, or death and dying, but we know that it is unavoidable and unpredictable. We also know that it affects those around us in many different ways. If we can help ease that pain by leaving behind something beautiful for our loved ones, why not do it!

For the first time in history, it is now possible to curate a digital legacy full of stories from your life, photos that should not be lost and messages to your loved ones that should not go unsaid. This is an opportunity to create a legacy like no other.

Some might think “they won’t want to see pictures of me”, or “they won’t find this to be important”. But think about this for a minute… Imagine somebody you have lost. Now imagine you could watch a video of that person telling your favorite story of their life. Would you enjoy that? I can tell you firsthand, it is one of my most cherished heirlooms from my father.

Getting started with your digital legacy is easy! Here are 3 simple steps to begin creating yours today:

💕 Identify where you will store your digital legacy. This might be in your phone, on your computer, or in a digital cloud such as FOREVER, like we use. When making your decision, remember to choose one that is lasting. Computers, internal and external hard drives, and thumb drives all have a lifespan that is likely shorter than yours. Cloud-based services are safer as long as they don’t have access to your private photos, which is one of the reasons we choose FOREVER.

💕 Let your loved ones know where your digital legacy lives. It is important somebody close to you knows where your legacy is and how to access it to be sure it gets passed on to the right people.

💕Add to your digital legacy consistently. Once you have your storage location identified and you’ve told your loved ones about your plan, now it’s time to begin adding digital assets. Include important moments like birthdays, holidays, vacations, kids talent shows, sporting event… whatever is meaningful to you and your family. This can be in the form of photos, videos, audio files, documents or any other digital format you might have. Start small by setting aside one day each month build your legacy a little a time.

Your memories are your most important heirlooms, it’s time we begin treating them as such.

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